You may not believe it, but anyone can memorise hadeeths!


However, if you are a complete novice and unfamiliar with Arabic, then it may be better for you to start with a smaller project than all of Nawawi’s 40 Hadeeths. Instead, you could try my other blog, The snippets from Nawawi’s 40 on that blog are short, easy to memorise with audios and are a step towards memorising the full set of hadeeths.


I know how hard it can be to keep up with an unrelenting study schedule when there are plenty of other things going on. It just takes you to be a little busier one week, and you’re instantly behind schedule, feel it is just too much to catch up, and you give up altogether. This is why every fifth week of this Nawawi’s 40 Study Plan is dedicated to revision. There is no extra material covered – it is an ideal chance to catch up with backlogs that inevitably develop from time to time.


It happens. You might choose to keep up with the most recent hadeeths, and leave the ones you have missed until the end of the course. That way you keep up with the lessons sent out to you weekly. Otherwise, you may end up intending to continue from where you left off, but there is no incentive to keep to schedule (without anyone reminding you with weekly updates) and before you know it, the whole plan falls apart.


My main blog has plenty of advice from some of the greatest scholars about how to seek knowledge and its manners, beginning with correcting the intention. There are also a number of other tried and tested study materials that you might find useful.

May Allaah reward you and me, keep our intentions correct, and grant us no less than Paradise, its middle/highest/best part which is Al-Firdaws.

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