If you have been following the weekly Nawawi’s 40 postings, then you are halfway through the course! If you have not managed to keep up with all of them, or have just started, then don’t worry; this is one course that you can join at any time. Each hadeeth can be studied independently, so if you have missed a few, then there is nothing stopping you studying the next hadeeth properly inshaa Allaah. Worried about memorising some Arabic when that is not your first language? Try these:

  • Just learn an audio snippet from one of the hadeeths that have them (or from here). Listen to it for two minutes and you will probably know it. Five minutes and it will be firmly grounded in your brain, inshaa Allaah.
  • Just pick up one Arabic word. You may not think that is much, but one word a day for six years adds up to 2000 words – that’s as many as you need for a foreign language GCSE! Think what you have done in the last six years. For most of us, a word a day would have been easy enough but would have amounted to a great deal by now. After a while of learning the odd new word, memorising phrases will not seem so daunting, inshaa Allaah.

Worried that you do not have the explanation (Shaykh al Uthaymeen’s)  or enough time to understand the hadeeth. Try these:

  • Dedicate fifteen minutes to reading through the explanation. Try reducing the time you spend on the web/social networking by just fifteen minutes a week and replace that time with reading time. It’s only fifteen minutes! Who does not have that time?
  • If you just can’t find time to read the explanation or don’t have it, do the quiz anyway – see it as a learning opportunity rather than a test. It is only two Arabic-English questions (which you can skip) and then eight questions more.

Evan if you take away one fact a week about a hadeeth, that is one fact that might make you closer to Jannah/Paradise. It all adds up if it is for the sake of Allaah, inshaa Allaah. And there is no better time to start that today. (Here is yesterday’s posting again, complete with six audio snippets for complete beginners. )

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