Lesson 4 – Hadeeth of Jibreel – final part

You should know the hadeeth now and be familiar with the 5 questions that we should be able to respond to by the end of the hadeeth:
1. What is Islaam?
2. What is Eeemaan?
3. What is Ihsaan?
4. When is the Hour (Last Day)?
5. What are its signs?

Here is the final quiz on this hadeeth, which as usual, is much easier if you have read Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen’s explanation:


I have also made one correction to the previous quiz and changed one answer in response to some feedback:

Corrections made to Lesson 3 Quiz on 24th October: translation of hadeeth changed from "[Ihsaan] is that you worship Allaah as if you see Him" to "as if He sees you", and question 7 wording about the previous scriptures changed from "it is impossible to tell which parts are true and which ones are false" to "It is impossible to tell which parts are the direct words of Allaah and which are not."

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